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About Us

Sustainable Mechanical Engineering Design & Consultancy


The story of founder, Christophe Convert, is the thread that connects everything Convert Design stands for. It’s what sets us apart from any other mechanical engineering design business. It makes us innovative, impactful, caring. For people. For planet


His approach to any mechanical engineering design project goes beyond any theory taught in a classroom. He innately considers the long term viability, sustainability and suitability of any product – or project – plan.


It began with a childhood fascination for tinkering with tools, derived from long hours spent with his toolmaker father and grandfather. He acquired time-honoured skills from watching and learning at the feet of master crafts people. So repurposing, re-use and innate consideration of the circular economy became part of his DNA.


Consideration of sustainability in the choice of materials is second nature. And that’s the consistent thread that runs through the business – and any project undertaken.


It’s why some of the world’s most prestigious brands, including Aston Martin, Worcester Bosch, Caudwell Marine, choose to work with us.