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Sustainable Mechanical Engineering Design & Consultancy

Product design engineering, CAD & project management

At Convert Design, we’re passionate about every project, thrive on problem solving and adapt to where you are on your manufactured product journey. You may have a clear idea of what you need – like straightforward CAD, product design engineer outsourcing or preliminary product market research. Or maybe you need end to end mechanical engineering consultancy and project management. Or supply chain sourcing, prototype design for manufacture or end to end project planning. Whatever your challenge – even if you’re not quite clear on exactly what’s required yet – we’re up for it.

Personal referrals

What we’re most proud of is that the majority of our business comes from personal referrals. When people have worked with us once, they want to work with us again – and tell others about us. We’re known as trusted experts, partners and collaborators. We’ve worked with some big household name businesses, like Aston Martin and Dyson but we really love to work with SMEs fuelled by passion and ambition.

If you don’t know anyone who can refer you, but you’d like to chat to us informally, reach out to us via LinkedIn. Whether the timing is right for your own project or not, we love to forge collaborative long term relationships with real people! Or message us by clicking on any of the orange buttons as you scroll through the page.

Read on for a flavour of some our most recent work, demonstrating our range of services and the type of creative problem solving opportunities that we thrive on! 

Caudwell Marine logo

Caudwell Marine

Fit for Purpose Product Design

Delivering a high performance manufacturing product is a skill. Designing, or adapting, one that has the durability and reliability needed for ‘normal use’ conditions requires entirely different skills – especially where oil and water are involved.

Caudwell Marine called on our CAD design engineering skills to help adapt the design for manufacture and deliver their first commercial outboard product – due in 2024. Suitable for commercial and military markets, their 300hp V6 turbo-charged, high performance diesel engine will elevate outboard boating systems to a new level.

Klarion logo


Design for Scalable Manufacturing Solutions

We brought Christophe in to take over a mechanical design job that had previously been taken to first prototype stage, but that was lacking in terms of what it needed to be usable for a real-world system. He refined the design and produced variants for three different manufacturing technologies to enable us to migrate to different manufacturing solutions as the product scales. His work and approach are exemplary, participating fully as a member of the team and contributing above and beyond expectations.

Mike Callender – Klarian


Formally “Limpet”

Klarian contacted us for some advice on mechanical engineering CAD design.  We went above and beyond.

We helped improve the design of an existing prototype, maintaining their requirements for sustainability, whilst keeping viable manufacture and scalable manufacturing solutions top of mind. We also supported them with supplier search, request for quotations and Design Failure Mode Analysis (DFMEA).

The Challenge

The specifications were simple: the product needed to be lightweight, easy to retrofit onto a pipeline and easy to assemble and setup – even in extreme environments.

The ‘Fit-for-Purpose’ Solution

We came up with an innovative design concept that was able to be produced by 3D printing a set of components, ready to be assembled and tested in the field.

Value delivered

With the concept designed and tested, we updated the assembly design to make it lightweight, robust and easy to use – but more importantly, a design ready for production with a reduced bill of material cost and three options to meet the varying demands of scaled manufacturing .

Dyson Automotive

Close Customer Collaboration – Suspension Kinematics

Dyson Automotive employed our services to help with the engineering CAD design, fit and function of the suspension and brake system for their new electric vehicles.

We supported the company onsite at Dyson Automotive Head Office in Hullavington Airfield UK, to make sure all the supplier designed components fitted together and that the assembly was working as it should through the full range of motion a car suspension will experience including extremes of movement.

We helped clean and set the assembly structure to a working system which was easy to implement within the full car assembly.

We also supported the project engineer to refine the design, allowing a low piece price with optimised design for manufacture.

Templated Bill of Material

We worked with the PLM team (Product Lifecycle Management) to create a bill of material of the vehicle’s components so it is user friendly, customisable to fit all car variants and options, but also to allow future cars to be created with a template.

This brought consistency to the company design and standardised the way they planned vehicle design, making sure smaller components were not forgotten, such as fasteners and other small items, as that could be detrimental to the working or manufacturing of the vehicle. This hence made it easier to discover potential problems at the earliest possible design review stage.

Aston Martin

Product Design, Supplier Sourcing, ROI analysis – Sill Treadplate

Aston Martin know a thing or two about mechanical engineering design. But we like to think we’ve applied our superior CAD design engineering skills to enhance their high quality vehicles.

The treadplates on their current vehicle range were made as an aluminium extrusion then machined to a finished and beautiful design. However, Convert Design saw an opportunity to design them as a carbon fibre option – to complement the already existing carbon pack, which includes a lot of interior and exterior carbon fibre trim.

We worked with their Commercial and Quality Team to find a suitable supplier to fit comfortably in to their demanding supply chain standards.

We then developed a robust design, approved by their Studio Design Team, to fit within the original design of the cars.

Finally, we presented a Financial Business Case and Return on Tooling investment analysis to determine the concept viability.

The parts are now in production and introduced on the cars by us via a ‘line trial’ where 10 chosen vehicles were fitted with the newly designed treadplates.

Product Design, Supplier Sourcing & Return on Tooling Investment Analysis – Bonnet Vent

The bonnet vent is usually made of one-piece of carbon fibre as standard but, after many considerations and with the help of their design studio, we were able to define a design that would complement the beautiful and timeless design of the V12 Vantage.

As well as providing CAD design engineering for the Studio Design Team to develop a robust design within the original design of their prestige cars, we also worked with their Commercial and Quality Team to find a suitable supplier. We then presented a Financial Business Case and Return on tooling investment analysis to determine the concept viability.


Product Design Refresh – Greenstar Oil Boiler

The design of the Worcester Bosch Greenstar oil boiler range looked outdated, and we were approached for our CAD design engineering expertise – to help refresh the look.

Worcester Bosch supplied us with styling pictures, sketches and a brief.  We then went away and designed a drawer system that fit seamlessly within any kitchen and allowed their fresh new look dashboard to be fitted inside the drawer.

All hardware was researched and integrated within the design, leaving them to find a commercial and manufacturing solution.

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